What is Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising And How Can We Start Campaign

  Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising that has allowed sellers and vendors to run ads on Amazon for their products. It gives a great opportunity to sell more products online. If properly created and managed, a PPC campaign on Amazon can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your […]

What is Reconciliation And Why It Is Important For All Sellers

Reconciliation is the method where we can check payment movement in all e commerce Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Myntra, Snapdeal etc . In Brief Payment Reconcile Consists. Successful Order Damaged Return. Others Return Cancelled Orders Other Deductions Here seller can get monthly data about Gross sale and Net Sale. Why it is important for […]

Best Practices On How To Handle Your Amazon Account health

Amazon operates on a fundamentally different structure than either of those shopping sites. Be sure your store is capable of handling selling on Amazon, and that your strategy is aligned with Amazon policies- so you get the highest ROI (Return of Investment) on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon has very clear selling policies and outlines best […]

Documents Required For Selling On Flipkart

  Anyone who wants to start selling on Flipkart needs to meet some basic documentation requirements insisted by Flipkart. All valid documents verification is one of the basic eligibility criteria to become a seller on Flipkart. The following are the documents that one needs to produce to Flipkart to become its seller. For sole proprietor […]

Steps To Open An Account on Amazon.com if you are selling from India

  How to Open an Amazon.com Account To sell on Amazon, you can go through the following steps: Step 1: Go to Services.amazon.com  Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Selling on Amazon” link . Step 3: Select between “Sell as a Professional” or “Sell as an Individual”. As a beginner we recommend selling as an individual. Amazon charges $0.99 […]

What is an Amazon Brand Store And It’s Features

Amazon’s Storefront is the newest way for companies to add flare to their listings and expand their brand story. It’s a free, intuitive service made up of pre-formatted, customizable layouts for any Amazon Merchant. They are highly flexible in terms of structure and content. To use Amazon Brand Stores, sellers and vendors need to be […]

How To Create Enhanced Brand Content & A+ Content For Sellers On Amazon

Amazon is the highest revenue-generating eCommerce industry that has the largest marketplace in the world. The larger the market place, the higher the competition. With high competition, sellers are more careful about their listing than ever before. The A+ Content Manager (EBC), adds an additional push to your Amazon Listing. We encourage all Amazon sellers […]

Importance And Uses of Amazon PPC or Sponsor Ads

  What is Amazon PPC or Sponsored Ads? Amazon sponsored ads use a method called pay-per-click (PPC). Pay-per-click is an advertising method wherein the advertiser only pays for the ad once a potential buyer clicks on the ad to view their product. This method is also called CPC(Cost Per Click). PPC works differently than pay-per-mil […]


The study on Google paid search came out with very interesting statistics. Q4 grows around 19% every year in comparison to last year. It will be highly beneficial for a business enterprise to make the best out of it and optimize its future AdWords campaigns accordingly. An online entrepreneur has to work harder and ensure close […]


Once temperature soars high, and all schools are shut due to summer vacations, the online sales also witness a significant drop. No wonder, e-commerce dealers find it extremely boring, and loss-making time of the year. However,simply by optimizing  Amazon marketing service online, a firm may still earn a lot during the off-season. An Amazon seller has to tweak […]