What is Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising And How Can We Start Campaign


Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising that has allowed sellers and vendors to run ads on Amazon for their products. It gives a great opportunity to sell more products online. If properly created and managed, a PPC campaign on Amazon can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your organic rankings as well.

If you are planning to launch the Amazon PPC campaign, then you should have a strategy and your product list should be optimized. Most of the time, people just launch a PPC campaign thinking that their product listings have the most commonly used words and are relevant to the organic search results. But general optimization doesn’t work for PPC all the time.


  • You should try some of the automated ad campaign features along with the manual campaigns to get the best results.
  • Try to add similar products having similar keywords in the same ad group. Because having products with variant keywords will not lead to any conversion.
  • You need to make sure that ad groups and product listings contain the keywords that match the customer’s query. Search engines will provide the most relevant listings no matter if it is paid or organic traffic.
  • You must be familiar with the concept of negative keywords. Utilize negative keywords and utilize keyword match types as well.
  • Allocate the budget according to the performance of the product.
  • Instead of using shorter keywords, you should try to get specific with long tail keywords.
  • Your campaigns should be well-structured consistently. If you don’t follow a campaign structure, then the overlap could lead to repeat ads. Staying organized throughout the campaign will make it less confusing for you to manage it.
  • Remove less selling products from the ad group to use your budget wisely on ads for those products which sell most and have high ROI.


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What is an Amazon Brand Store And It’s Features

Amazon’s Storefront is the newest way for companies to add flare to their listings and expand their brand story. It’s a free, intuitive service made up of pre-formatted, customizable layouts for any Amazon Merchant. They are highly flexible in terms of structure and content. To use Amazon Brand Stores, sellers and vendors need to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

 Main Features of Amazon Brand Store Page:

  1. They come with their own dedicated links which can be accessed by anyone. This means you can now include Amazon Store links to your Amazon marketing campaigns, in online campaigns outside Amazon (Google, e-mail) or share them on your brand’s social media.
  2. You can create a multi-page brand store which can tell your brand’s story and help customers with your product portfolio, related products and recommendations.
  3. You can add videos, rich content text and images to promote your products and brand on Amazon.
  4. You can drive traffic with the help of advertising on your Amazon Brand store Page

How To Create Enhanced Brand Content & A+ Content For Sellers On Amazon

Amazon is the highest revenue-generating eCommerce industry that has the largest marketplace in the world.

The larger the market place, the higher the competition.

With high competition, sellers are more careful about their listing than ever before.

The A+ Content Manager (EBC), adds an additional push to your Amazon Listing. We encourage all Amazon sellers to take advantage of Amazon’s enhanced brand content or A+ content manager for their product descriptions, in order to attract attention and drive conversions. It will also give you the opportunity to explain more about your products.

It allows you to create enhanced description pages, including images and formatted text using templates. This makes your product stand out from the crowd. You can highlight your brand and can explain about your brand.Amazon,s Enhanced Brand Content allows you to put a name and a face on your brand and you can build customer trust.

Amazon EBC and A+ content is mostly the same thing. But, A+ content is the modified form and have replaced EBC in the recent Amazon Update.

How to Get Started with A+ Enhanced Brand Content

  1. Make sure your products are registered in Amazon Brand Registry and Loombiz being the largest SPN on Amazon and we have served more than 1000 satisfied sellers and we are taking the best possible approach to help our sellers in Brand Registry.
  2. Start creating EBC by visiting A+ content Manager , available under ‘Advertising’ from the menu in seller We are creating EBC for our sellers at the at the best price and we have a experienced and skilled team just for EBC content because Loombiz believes in Quality Service





Till Now we have served many sellers :-







Benefits Of A+ Content :-

1.A+ Promotes the Brand Value:- Think like a customer , if you have to choose between similar products and one has a good EBC content which product will you choose ?

A+ content promotes a sense of trust and value to a brand in the customer’s mind.It can attract audience. It helps        in creating a long- lasting impression which can create audience into your customer.


  1. Increases Sales :- This is the most important factor . If your content is engaging and appealing it is more likely to bring revenue for your


  1. Prevents cancellation and negative reviews:- t The content should be appealing but also should be A comprehensive content will give the clear idea about the product; with every detail mentioned negative reviews are less likely to happen.


  1. A+ Increases the Engagement Rate :- With a good and attractive A+ on a listing chances are higher that your views will convert into sales or at least it will increase the views or clicks on your product which will boost organic ranking of the




Importance And Uses of Amazon PPC or Sponsor Ads


What is Amazon PPC or Sponsored Ads?

Amazon sponsored ads use a method called pay-per-click (PPC). Pay-per-click is an advertising method wherein the advertiser only pays for the ad once a potential buyer clicks on the ad to view their product. This method is also called CPC(Cost Per Click). PPC works differently than pay-per-mil advertising PPM, which is an impressions-based method of advertising like Facebook uses. With PPM, the advertiser pays for every 1,000 people who see the ad, versus those who click on the ads.

Where do Sponsored Product ads appear on Amazon?

Sponsored product ads can appear on Amazon in a variety of places, such as:

  1. Amazon’s search engine results page: – When a buyer logs onto Amazon and types something into the search bar, Amazon loads a page full of results.
  2. Headlines: – branded products on Amazon that have three or more products in their catalog can purchase headline ads. These ads often appear at the top of the Amazon Search Page.
  3. Product pages. Advertisements even appear on product pages in a few different areas. In the desktop view, just below the fold there is a band of products with the heading “sponsored products related to this item.” Amazon’s always changing things up and testing new channels, too. So don’t be surprised if you see your ads in other places.

 Why advertise on Amazon?

Advertising on Amazon is the best way to get your product in front of more people or we can also say potential buyers. There are millions and millions of products available on Amazon. And even you have picked the perfect product and your product is available on Amazon, you still have to let the world know about it. Otherwise it’s going to be visible on 4 or 5 pages deep on Amazon Result’s page. And you don’t want that. A similar principle is used by clients when in partnership with The Marketing Heaven, for example, they promote a video on YouTube in order to collect as many subscribers as possible and thus highlight their profile on that social network. But when it comes to Amazon, PPC is the best way to bring your product on top page and the more people see your product, the more you get the clicks and the more sales you make.


The study on Google paid search came out with very interesting statistics. Q4 grows around 19% every year in comparison to last year. It will be highly beneficial for a business enterprise to make the best out of it and optimize its future AdWords campaigns accordingly.

An online entrepreneur has to work harder and ensure close monitoring of all changes to augment his sales. Amazon consultant like eStore Factory usually runs a top sellers campaign to identify any modification in clicks, conversions, and cost for ad groups. Such reports can be both positive and negative but always helpful for the online retailer to formulate his future business plans.

Here are Some Other Key Strategies
Ad Performance Report: One of the best ways to get the real sense of your online business is by analyzing your account status through running an Ad Performance Report in AdWords. It also helps you know Click Through Rate (CTR) and Average Cost Per Click. The status column shows all the necessary details by appropriate Amazon product optimization technique. CTR is highly effective to measure the actual efficiency of the ad campaigns that you recently ran.

Search Query Report: It is useful to generate the true searches that grab maximum attention in an ad. Online e-commerce trader should analyze the data carefully to examine its real performance and modify the same if needed.

Auction Insight Analysis: An eCommerce solution provider should also look into the insight report and compare the same with his online campaigns. If it gets better ranking, then people are definitely intrigued by the charm of this online ad campaign.

Total Campaign Efficacy Report: Some entrepreneurs also want to analyze the total efficacy of their campaigns online. Then they need to analyze the campaign performance report in totality. Once the report is prepared it gives the complete analysis of the site’s AdWords performance, respective valid and invalid clicks, impressions, bounce rate and several other things.

An online retailer can analyze his total campaign efficiency report in just a few steps.


Once temperature soars high, and all schools are shut due to summer vacations, the online sales also witness a significant drop. No wonder, e-commerce dealers find it extremely boring, and loss-making time of the year. However,simply by optimizing  Amazon marketing service online, a firm may still earn a lot during the off-season.

An Amazon seller has to tweak his business strategies during the summer season to ensure more sales and profits. Considering lower online traffic in summer, the best way to attract more buyers is by putting useful and relevant content on the site along with customers’ reviews that prompt users to buy products online instantly. Besides, Amazon, as the leading e-commerce platform, has already introduced the use of video-based KYC solution provided by Fully-Verified, which makes online transactions secure for all participants.

More Satisfied Customer’s Reviews: During the off season, an entrepreneur has to work harder. A recent survey has stated that around 90% of the customers believe in online reviews and recommendations of the other purchasers. So, when your products have more positive reviews on eBay and Amazon, it enhances your sales too. You should always request your customers to leave their feedbacks online after every purchase.

Improve Your Amazon & eBay SEO: That’s when you need to hire an Amazon & eBay SEO Consultant like eStore Factory. They are the experts and have ample experience in ensuring that you get the greatest traffic on your Amazon or eBay product page.

The product keywords should be optimized in such a way that maximum customers get attracted to your product. You get 500 characters to optimize the page – make the best out of it including as many relevant keywords as possible.

Cheap and Best: Nothing works best than this simple strategy. While, many sellers try to win the buy box to get more sales, keeping the price rate comparatively cheaper could do the trick during the off-season when not too many sellers are active on online portals.

Discount and Offers: Continuity in sales is important during the summer season. So, it will be apt for an online seller to offer an attractive discount on his products at off-season. Usually, such items grab maximum eyeballs in the eBay products listing as customers usually want to buy products that offer highest discounts to them.

A seller can also release unique coupon codes in the site with discount offers ranging from 10% to 80% or more. Such coupons are used to retain customer’s loyalty.

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