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Amazon Training

Loombiz helps you to sell on Amazon with combination of effective practical and theoretical knowledge from the expert of Amazon in order to get enhanced knowledge of amazon seller central starting from registration, listing, inventory management, order management, advertising optimization, performance understandings and sales boost.

Seller can opt among these module the programs include a comprehensive list of topics covering all the major key points.

Module 1

  • Inventory Management
  • Update Price and Quantity
  • Order Management

Cost: INR 1000
Duration: 1 Hour

Module 2

  • ODR Management
  • LDR Management
  • PCR Management
  • RDR Management
  • Notification Management
  • Methods of Suspension Prevention

Cost: INR 3000
Duration: 2 Hour

Module 3

  • Single Product Listing
  • Bulk Product Listing
  • Existing one product Listing
  • Existing bulk product Listing
  • Bulk product modification
  • Price and Quantity update
  • Shipping override file use

Cost: INR 3000
Duration: 2 Hours

Module 4

  • FBA Registration
  • FBA Shipment Creation
  • Appointment for FC

Cost: INR 2000

Module 5

Cost: INR 2000

Duration: 1 Hours

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