Amazon’s Storefront is the newest way for companies to add flare to their listings and expand their brand story. It’s a free, intuitive service made up of pre-formatted, customizable layouts for any Amazon Merchant. They are highly flexible in terms of structure and content. To use Amazon Brand Stores, sellers and vendors need to be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

 Main Features of Amazon Brand Store Page:

  1. They come with their own dedicated links which can be accessed by anyone. This means you can now include Amazon Store links to your Amazon marketing campaigns, in online campaigns outside Amazon (Google, e-mail) or share them on your brand’s social media.
  2. You can create a multi-page brand store which can tell your brand’s story and help customers with your product portfolio, related products and recommendations.
  3. You can add videos, rich content text and images to promote your products and brand on Amazon.
  4. You can drive traffic with the help of advertising on your Amazon Brand store Page

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