Amazon is the highest revenue-generating eCommerce industry that has the largest marketplace in the world.

The larger the market place, the higher the competition.

With high competition, sellers are more careful about their listing than ever before.

The A+ Content Manager (EBC), adds an additional push to your Amazon Listing. We encourage all Amazon sellers to take advantage of Amazon’s enhanced brand content or A+ content manager for their product descriptions, in order to attract attention and drive conversions. It will also give you the opportunity to explain more about your products.

It allows you to create enhanced description pages, including images and formatted text using templates. This makes your product stand out from the crowd. You can highlight your brand and can explain about your brand.Amazon,s Enhanced Brand Content allows you to put a name and a face on your brand and you can build customer trust.

Amazon EBC and A+ content is mostly the same thing. But, A+ content is the modified form and have replaced EBC in the recent Amazon Update.

How to Get Started with A+ Enhanced Brand Content

  1. Make sure your products are registered in Amazon Brand Registry and Loombiz being the largest SPN on Amazon and we have served more than 1000 satisfied sellers and we are taking the best possible approach to help our sellers in Brand Registry.
  2. Start creating EBC by visiting A+ content Manager , available under ‘Advertising’ from the menu in seller We are creating EBC for our sellers at the at the best price and we have a experienced and skilled team just for EBC content because Loombiz believes in Quality Service





Till Now we have served many sellers :-







Benefits Of A+ Content :-

1.A+ Promotes the Brand Value:- Think like a customer , if you have to choose between similar products and one has a good EBC content which product will you choose ?

A+ content promotes a sense of trust and value to a brand in the customer’s mind.It can attract audience. It helps        in creating a long- lasting impression which can create audience into your customer.


  1. Increases Sales :- This is the most important factor . If your content is engaging and appealing it is more likely to bring revenue for your


  1. Prevents cancellation and negative reviews:- t The content should be appealing but also should be A comprehensive content will give the clear idea about the product; with every detail mentioned negative reviews are less likely to happen.


  1. A+ Increases the Engagement Rate :- With a good and attractive A+ on a listing chances are higher that your views will convert into sales or at least it will increase the views or clicks on your product which will boost organic ranking of the




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